What is the Colloidal Silver?

1. Composition
Scientifically speaking, the Colloidal Silver is a water-based suspension of elementary Silver (aqueous solution). A colloidal suspension contains Silver particles of one (1) nanometer to one (1) micrometer in size. The Silver particles (positively-charged or electrically neutral) are of five (5) nanometers in size, approximately the equivalent of fifteen (15) atoms side-by-side.

2. Biological Effect
Positively-charged Silver particles, of size specific to colloidal suspension, have a very fast any-germs effect, killing over 600 types of known microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi, staphylococcus, etc.).

3. How It Is Made
The Colloidal Silver Salutifer®/Invictus® are produced through electrolysis, using methods registered by several independent laboratories in Germany, at standardized voltage levels.
The technology used in the production of Colloidal Silver includes multiple-times distilled-water, a requirement necessary for avoiding the formation of unwanted chemical radicals. Thus, the electric conductivity of the multiple-times distilled-water is approximately one (1) micro Siemens/cm, and the purity of Silver electrodes is 99.999%. The water purity, along with that of the Silver electrodes is necessary characteristics for the production of a high quality Colloidal Silver, free of toxic elements.

4. Concentration
Silver concentration in water is usually expressed in parts-per-million, or ppm. Simply put, a water solution containing 1ppm of Colloidal Silver means that the solution of 1,000,000 grams (or 1,000 liters) of water contains one (1) gram of Silver. Based on its application, internal use, external use/disinfectant, or in the garden, the Colloidal Silver contains produced by our company, exhibits concentrations between 25 ppm and 100 ppm, and is clearly written on the packaging’s label.

5. Daily Doses, Therapeutically Effects
For bacterial or viral infections, it is recommended, as the standard therapy for oral use, three doses of Colloidal Silver of 25 ppm, three times daily, for three days. Thereafter, the daily dosage consists of twice doses daily, in the morning and in the evening, until the health improves (usually 2-3 days for the common cold). The standard dosage is 2 ml/kg-body. For example: a person weighing 50 kg (or 110 lbs) would need a standard dose of 100 ml Colloidal Silver. Initially, the liquid should be moved throughout the entire mouth for about 30-40 seconds, as the Colloidal Silver absorption starts at the mouth and nasal membranes. Since the standard dose in relatively larger than conventional medication, it is advisable to ingest the Colloidal Silver in small sips, and absolutely necessary on an empty stomach, avoiding food or drinks 30 minutes after the last sip of Colloidal Silver. It is strongly recommended that the Colloidal Silver would never be in contact with metal or plastic silverware, tableware, etc. Ideally, glass-made tableware should be used.
For other uses, please consult each specialized product.

6. Trivial Experiments

A very easy experiment can show how mold (which is a fungus) spreads on a non-treated versus Colloidal Silver-treated food samples.
The picture below shows two identical containers of fine-shredded cheese „Petri”. For comparison, the cheese in the left-hand side container was sprayed with distilled water, while the cheese in the right-hand side container was sprayed with an identical amount of Colloidal Silver Salutifer®. After five (5) days, the cheese in the Colloidal Silver-treated container (right-hand side) shows no mold whatsoever, while the cheese in the distilled water-treated container (left-hand side) shows a substantial amount of mold. It is clear that the presence of Colloidal Silver in the right-hand side container prevented the germination of mold.

Branza rasa 5 zile

Cheese 5 days


A similar experiment was perform using tomato sauce, with relevant results. The picture was
taken seven (7) days after it was treated with Colloidal Silver.

Argint Coloidal Salutifer

Tomato juice – 7 days

It is easy to observe the effects of Colloidal Silver on plants. Since the Colloidal Silver kills germs and fungi, a cultivated plant, or a flower in a vase, will have a considerably extended life it is treated with Colloidal Silver. Next picture shows two carnations, after twenty (20) days; first carnation was placed in tap water, while the second carnation was placed in water treated with Colloidal Silver. The carnation placed in Colloidal Silver-treated water has absorbed twice as much water, compared to the carnation placed in tap water, over the entire experiment.

Argint coloidal Salutifer - Garoafe 20 zile

Carnations 20 days


A potted plant is „feeling” healthier if it is treated with Colloidal Silver. The image below shows two identical daisies, ten (10) days after one of them was watered with tap water, while the other was watered with Colloidal Silver.

Craite 10 zile

Potted plants 10 days


An ideal conserving agent: Next image shows a comparison between two apricots from the same harvest, with the apricot to the right being sprayed with 25 ppm Colloidal Silver. The image was taken after approximately three (3) weeks.

Caise 3 saptamani

Apricots 3 weeks


The conserving agent property, exhibited by the Colloidal Silver on organic matter, is illustrated in the three images below, showing several produce samples, treated with Colloidal Silver (25 ppm) and placed in glass containers for seven (7) months.

Afine 7 luni

Blueberries 7 months

Blueberries/Huckleberries, conserved for seven (7) months

Mure 7 luni

Blackberries 7 months

Wild Blackberries, conserved for seven (7) moths.

Afine mure patrunjel leustean 7 luni

Blueberries/Huckleberries, Wild Blackberries, parsley and lovage, conserved for seven (7) months.

7. Storage
Colloidal Silver’s effectiveness depends directly on its storage conditions.
Plastic containers packaging is definitely inappropriate for storing Colloidal Silver, because in general, plastic can easily acquire electrostatic charge, through friction when in contact with other non-metallic objects, which in turn has a damaging effect on the electrically-charged Silver ions in the Colloidal Silver. The Colloidal Silver produced and sold by our company, is bottled in pharmacy-grade glass bottles or in specialty-type glass bottles that can properly filter incident light.
Contact with metal object should be avoided, as Silver particles can easily attach themselves to metals (reason for which a metal-made spoon should never be used for measuring/administering the Colloidal Silver).
It is strongly recommended to store the Colloidal Silver at room temperature only, never in the refrigerator.
The minimum recommended distance between a bottle/container of Colloidal Silver and an electric appliance is one (1) meter (approximately 3.5 feet)
Light is another enemy of Colloidal Silver. Thus, the Colloidal Silver should be stored in dark-color glass bottles, and in a dark environment, if possible. The best protection, against light, is assured by violet-colored glass. A high percentage of our products are bottled in specially design, Swiss-made violet-color glass bottles.
Usually, Silver ions loose their electric charge approximately three (3) months after the Colloidal Silver was produced. Thereafter, the anti-germ properties are present for another two (2) months.

8. Physical appearance and testing
Colloidal Silver’s physical appearance can vary between colorless and golden-yellow. Based on Tyndall effect, any liquid can be tested to determine if it is a colloidal-type liquid. The experiment is simple, and consists of illuminating, with a low-power laser pointer, two transparent glasses, one containing distilled water and the other containing Colloidal Silver. The laser beam is more pronounced in the glass containing Colloidal Silver as compared to the glass containing distilled water, as shown in the figure below.

Efectul Tyndall 1

Efectul Tyndall 1


Efectul Tyndall (2)

Efectul Tyndall 2


9. Why it is worth choosing Salutifer®/Invictus® products?
We never produce Colloidal Silver in high volumes. Thus, we never have a large stock of our products, ensuring the freshness and implicitly their maximum effectiveness. Our company delivers Colloidal Silver that has been bottled in pharmacy-grade, dark-color containers, eliminating the harsh effects of light rays and that of electricity.
Our trademark represents two well known nicknames of legendary Hercules from antiquity:
Salutifer = The Medicine-Man, equivalent to the healing power of Silver.
Invictus = Invincible, the victorius hero in all battles against all germs (that affect humans, animals and plants).

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