What is Colloidal Silver?
What is Colloidal Silver?
Colloidal Silver is a water-based suspension of elementary Silver (aqueous solution), containing Silver particles and Silver ions in multiple-distilled water of purity near 100%. The Silver particles are of one (1) nanometer in size.
How do the Silver ions work?
How do the Silver ions work?
Silver ion particles of nanometer-size exhibit the property of neutralizing microorganisms such as: bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. Simply put, Colloidal Silver is a natural antibiotic with no secondary effects.
What are the uses of Coll. Silver?
What are the uses of Coll. Silver?
Colloidal Silver is an extraordinary natural antibiotic, being very effective in the prevention and cure of infections and other microorganisms-induced illnesses.




The Problem With Antibiotics Many stories have been written lately for Natural News and other sites about the pending health disaster of super microbes resulting from the use of antibiotics. The problem is that antibiotics have been used for many decades to kill pathogenic organisms, but they never quite kill them all. The toughest ones…

Tests of a colloidal silver solution have concluded that it provides an alternative to antibiotics. Researchers in Brigham Young University’s department of microbiology were asked to test the antimicrobial activity of Colloidal Silver. Silver is “colloidal” when it is suspended in small amounts in liquid. Silver in various forms has been used for centuries as…

Colloidal Silver For Burns

Day-to-day burns are often treated with various over the counter creams that are found at pharmacies. They are notorious for having little to no effect, and burns to the tongue are deemed untreatable. However, in burn centers, an alternative remedy is being used all across the country, and there is nothing that comes close to…

Silver is a powerful, natural prophylactic/antibiotic, used for thousands of years. Ancient Greeks lined their eating and drinking vessels with silver, as did many other cultures throughout the world. Pioneers of the American West would put a silver dollar in a jug of milk to keep it fresh without refrigeration. Did you ever wonder why…

In the 1970′s, Dr. Robert O. Becker at Syracuse Medical University began to intensively research colloidal silver. He discovered that silver not only kills bacteria, but it actually killed bacteria that were resistant to all known antibiotics with no undesirable side effects. Moreover, unlike prescription antibiotics, pathogens do not become resistant or immune to silver…

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INVICTUS For Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene, Tooth-Brush and Dentures Good oral health involves more than just clean teeth. It’s about keeping the entire mouth and all of its tissues healthy and free of harmful buildup of bacteria and other pathogens. So, while it’s good to have an appealing smile, a healthy mouth has broader implications for the health of…


Facial cleanser, deodorant, after shave solution People often claim to use colloidal silver to soothe burns, repair skin and tissue damage, and to treat scars. Other skin issues that might be helped by colloidal silver include rashes, sties and acne How colloidal silver can help to fight acne? It can destroy bacteria causing it. Colloidal…

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For the highest quality, colloidal silver requires two essential conditions: water – almost absolute purity and pure silver. The water used in the production process in our laboratory is distilled until we obtain a value of conductivity 0.7 microSiemens / cm . To obtain colloidal dispersion, we are using 99.999 % fine silver certified by independent laboratories in Germany.

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